With 20 years of experience in finance, Alexis Hendrickx has developed an expertise in general management in various environments. His skills cover all aspects of financial management in complex, mainly multinational and Anglo-Saxon contexts: short and long-term planning, financial reporting, consolidation, auditing, strategic support for management teams, continuous process improvement, IT developments, project coordination, outsourcing, fundraising, investor relations, industrial and financial partnerships.

His knowledge of the various business lines and his strategic vision of the issues at stake make him an agent of global change. After studies in Belgium and the United States, following a first half of his career at Hewlett Packard, he then contributed to the launch of a start-up and today manages the European financial destiny of a Japanese mid-sized pharmaceutical group.

His strategic, operational and analytical skills in industrial and high-tech environments are well known. His ability to conceptualise complex and technical issues, and then to transform them into simple operational choices, makes him a preferred consulting partner.