Cedric Martin has an engineer background. He has worked for more than 25 years in the humanitarian sector: in the field and at headquarters with Medecins sans Fontières, then as a consultant. Very inspired from participatory management methods, and relying on the principles of non-violent communication, he accompanies project teams within companies or organizations to empower themselves in order to develop their creativity, while strengthening their level of responsibility. He supports teams around the world in projects to support change within the "Accomplir Consulting" network.

In this accompaniment, he supports your transformation, allows you to put clarity on your goals, define a vision of your projects, make your values to emerge, highlight your needs to develop the most appropriate strategy. He accompanies you in order to make you aware about your mechanisms, choices or behaviors that take you away from your aspirations, prevent you from moving forward.

With an atypical international background, in emergency humanitarian and especially in conflict zones, he has acquired a human experience and developed a particular ability to listen and empathize. This path led him to develop expertise in « retour d’experience » after a critical incident. This intervention helps to understand the factors leading to certain events in order to change practices and risk mitigation, identify lessons and improve the response to incidents. He works on the resilience of organizations and companies after an incident by recreating the necessary trust between actors. He also allows to identify responsibilities, and above all to discern those inherent in the institution from those carried by individuals and their behaviours, by creating objectivity to move forward after a difficult crisis.