Information systeme security & governance - Risk analysis

Pascal has over 25 years of experience in humanitarian sector in Africa, Central Asia and Europe. He gained a humanitatarian experience on the field positions as well in Information Systems management through office-based positions. Graduated in information systems security management, he has developed and managed the IT and IS support of Medecins Sans Frontières in Geneva headquarter, contributed in many international project about IT & IS alignement.
Passionate about team management and accomplishment in complex environments, he has built and implemented support services adapted to the specific contexts of the NGO environment, supported change management and IT evolution in many international projects.
In 2016 Pascal joined Accomplir-consulting group, focussed on Information system security and governance.
Customer and result oriented, he gives a great place to people and to the contribution of teams in their own change.

Countries: Burkina-faso, Moçambique, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, DRC, Cameroon, Roumania, Dagustan, Azerbadjan, Kazakhstan, Nicaragua.